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Shrinking Violets and Starry Eyes


colour coded ladies
friends | phoebe buffay + green

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Now you know the truth of what’s going through my mind at parties.

oh my gosh the last panel actually made me tear up


I can’t tell you how accurate this is

This is a really good depiction of social anxiety because it focuses on inner states rather then outward actions. As someone very good at concealing his anxiety, I appreciate it.

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If you stop, you die


The Starry Night, 1889 Starry Night Over the Rhone, 1888 The Red Vineyard, 1888 View of Saintes-Maries, 1888 Prisoners Exercising, 1890 Sunset: Wheat Fields Near Arles, 1888 Snow-Covered Field with a Harrow, 1890 The Painter on His Way to Work, 1888 Red Chestnuts in the Public Park at Arles, 1889




Van Gogh’s Paintings Get Tilt-Shifted by Serena Malyon

Serena Malyon, a 3rd-year student at art school, took some of van Gogh’s most beautiful paintings and altered them in Photoshop to achieved this amazing tilt-shift effect.


van gogh is my favorite artist - his passion is evident in every piece

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 one week until blood of olympus annabeth cosplay 

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I’m not a stop along the way. I’m a destination.

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is this the arctic monkeys

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honestly why are all these marauder’s era edits portraying them styled like they’re from the 50’s teddy boy era or something

really if they wore muggle clothes it’d be more like


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This is Brody. His “Children’s Wish” was to make a video with me! How awesome is that!?! I really didn’t think I was worthy of such a honor but as soon as I read the email I knew immediately I had to do it. So Children’s Wish of Canada flew him to Nashville and we spent the whole day today shooting a video for his Youtube Channel. We also shot a Rollin With Olan together & topped it off with some Halo and burgers.Got to say the experience was amazing to meet and hangout with such a great dude. He’s hit a rough spot in his life but his positivity is so inspiring! It was amazing to witness Brody with the help of leg braces delivering a line with such excitement & light. B-Town! You got this! And I got your back! :) #cowboys #childrenswish #btown

A lot of people are asking for his YouTube it’s here. The video we did should be up Friday:

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this is so great

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Fear can make you kind.

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